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Aquilo Ventures is a boutique business development & cross-border deal making firm.

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While aiming at fruitful, long-term B2B partnerships, as dealmakers, the goal of Aquilo Ventures is to generate revenue and value to our partners and clients by facilitating and accelerating B2B deals.


Aquilo Ventures is a boutique firm specializing in diverse cross-border transactions. Based on a practical and commercial attitude, low profile and discreet approach, we at Aquilo Ventures, promote and facilitate B2B partnerships through technology oriented cooperation with a focus on the Hi-Tech sector.

We specialize in deal structuring, and building effective and productive working relationships in multicultural environments while implementing tailored solutions to complex business challenges.

Our experience includes project initiation, execution, and advisory to private, public and government entities. In our engagements, we lead or support negotiations, and manage projects as well as operations.

We support and collaborate with diverse entities, such as innovative start-ups, private investors, VC & PE funds, as well as large scale enterprises and government entities. Aquilo Ventures is active across Asia, Europe and North America.


Business development

We create long-term value by supporting our partners and clients who are seeking to penetrate and expand their global reach in current or new markets via cooperation with local partners.

Deal structuring

We promote strategic cross-border transactions in diverse business models such as: M&A, Equity Investments, Technology Licensing, Joint Ventures and more.

Negotiation management

We advance and facilitate cross-border transactions throughout the entire deal cycle: from identifying potential business partners, matching, negotiating and closing. We proactively engage and shape the negotiation process to circumvent potential issues before they arise. In this complex process, we generate value by bringing relationships, leadership, confidence, integrity and emotional intelligence to the table.

Partnerships & deal execution

Aiming to drive profit and mitigate risk, we provide implementation and execution oversight to ensure a smooth and balanced partnerships.


We are honored to be trusted by a significant number of partners and clients - from groundbreaking innovative companies, via stealth mode start-ups, to well-established large scale companies.

Our activities span across a wide range of sectors and verticals including: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Manufacturing, Space-Technology, Electronics, Life Science, Clean-Technology, Information Technology (IT), Big Data, Robotics & Automation, Financial-Technology, Agro-Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more.


In each engagement, we take into account the unique challenges associated with cross-border transactions, such as uncertainty, limited trust, cultural differences and legal risks. We then leverage our regional networks of business leaders, our experience in each geography and diverse know-how to structure tailored and balanced deals.  

As we typically take part in the entire deal lifecycle, we apply our delivery framework at each stage. This results in acceleration of B2B growth through balanced international business development and formation of strategic partnerships.


Our core values are what make us unique.

Professionalism: our deliverables are comprehensive and of high quality.


Determination: we are persistent, passionate and positive.      

 Integrity: we conduct our business with the highest level of probity.

 Confidentiality: our approach is always discreet and private.  

 Proactivity: we take initiative and stay dynamic.

Out of the box thinking: we strive to offer and implement creative and practical solutions for complex business situations. 


 Mutual benefits: we engage in deals in which all parties gain value.


 Result-Driven: we operate with keen and continuous focus on outcomes and results.

Keep it simple.


 Aquilo, in Roman mythology is the personification of the north wind.

Clear and well defined direction.



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